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MASCA is a very interesting excursion, at the same time a little hard. You have to be well prepared, with comfortable shoes, Hat and sunscreen. Best to carry the backpack because both hands are needed to maintain balance. With children we go 4 hours on foot, going down the path of the barranco de Masca, mountain path, with stones, so you have to be always attentive and careful. All endure the way, even my daughter's 7 years, that at no time said that she was tired or dizzy. Our guide told us many interesting things on the rocks, on some plants and trees. But he told us nothing about Pirates :((( What a pity! haha arriving at the coast could go to the beach and swim a few 10 minutes. There were many waves and our colleague, lost his glasses in the sea, lol. I told him that the sea kissed her and kept his souvenir glasses to come back to the island again more. After the bath, we got on a boat that took us to the giant port and along the way enjoy again with the dolphins and their jumps, We could almost touch them with your hands!!!
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The excursion to the banana was very interesting. On the farm, Vanessa explained everything to us, Since the "roots" and even the cutting of fruit. Then we went to the cooperative, where could we see the entire process of preparation of the Canarian banana for sale in supermarkets. All the people who work in the cooperative is very friendly, which greeted us with smiles and we looked with great interest. At the end we did a tasting and understood that the Canarian banana is richer, sweeter and smaller than the South American banana. This trip we liked a lot! PS. If I come with other groups, I want to repeat it because I think it is very interesting to the Russians that we have no bananas or banana production in our country.
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Loro Park is an incredible excursion! There you can feel so many emotions at the same time.... from smiles to tears, because by visiting all the Shows you understand how long, devoted effort and love working with animals. Children in our group smiled much and some cried, especially in the dolphin and sea lion shows, where a lion during the whole show was kissing his trainer. It is one of the animal clean and spacious in the world parks, where beings living with all the comforts.
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It's the trip you have to visit all! Children and adults it enjoy a lot! What can be more beautiful than that see the dolphins and whales in? "Home", in the ocean, with their babies, jumping and throwing water sources by their holes? Also, are spectacular views of the coast, Los Gigantes and Masca Bay where the ship stops to let tourists swim in the crystal clear waters. And truth, the tour of 4,5 hours is more complete, because we can spend more time with the dolphins and whales, compared to the tour of 3 hours (I did with previous groups).
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An adventure!!! The children passed it pump! ES 100% per cent recommended for families with children, for groups of children of different ages, for young people and adults who like sports and adventures. Located in a Canarian pine forest, It is a wonderful place not only for sports but for a ride around the surrounding area, also breathing the fresh air with the gorgeous and very healthy smell of the pines.
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It is one of the most beautiful beaches of the island of Tenerife. Above all, by the color of the Sahara brought sand. The waters are very calm, almost without waves, sure that will like to families with young children who are learning to swim and tourists don't like who the big waves. The beach of las Teresitas liked our children, But anyway they are still being in love with Garden Beach, with its sand and stone black and waves. Jump and swim liked them so much! 3 hours of stay in Las Teresitas seemed sufficient :))
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For people who are not accustomed to changes in altitude and pressure, It is advisable to ask a 4 stops before arriving at the cable car. We especially liked the landscapes of the clouds once above. Our brains could not understand it. It is one thing when you can see the clouds from the window of the plane and another different thing is to tread on them once on Earth. And the peak of Teide... what a beautiful is! We really liked the tour, a little scare in the cable car that provoked cries and belly Tickle :)))